Monday, 17 January 2011

Mass Effect 2 [MULTI5] DLC Pack Jan 2011 with patch and NoDVD Fixed

Just follow these steps in the indicated order if you want to play Mass Effect 2 with all the downloadable content installed (last updated on January 2011):
  • Mass Effect 2 DLC Pack
  • Mass Effect 2 Aegis Pack
  • Mass Effect 2 Firepower Pack
  • Mass Effect 2 Shadow Broker
  • Mass Effect 2  [MULTI5] Patch v1.02
  • Mass Effect 2 v1.02 [MULTI5] NoDVD Fixed


1.  Install Mass Effect 2 
2.  Apply the patch in order to patch the game to version 1.02
3.  Copy the crack to the "Mass Effect 2/Binaries" folder and overwrite the existing file
4.  Start the game
5.  Go to "Extras > Options > Online" in order to turn off the "Upload Gameplay Feedback" and the "Auto Login to EA Online" options (set to "No")
6.  Exit the game
7.  Install the DLCs:
 - Mass Effect 2 DLC Pack (includes all DLCs up to and including Overlord: 17 in total)
 - ME2_AegisPack
 - ME2_FirepowerPack
 - ME2_ShadowBroker
8.  Run the file "giveme2entitlements.exe" to activate the newly installed DLCs
9.  Repeat step 3
10.  Play the game with all 20 DLCs installed

I can honestly say that I have not encountered any of the the problems myself.
The only possible solutions that I can think of are:
- Install the game Mass Effect 2 in a folder C:\ Games\ ... 
- Make sure that no DLCs are already installed when you use the files
- Disconnect from the internet when starting the game
- Turn of your firewall/virus scanner when starting the game
- Obtain an English version of ME2
- Make sure you have administrator rights
- Turn off user account control

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