Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [ENGLISH] Total Voice Control Mod


Take total immersive control of Skyrim with over 230 voice commands

Menus, Movement, Shouting, Powers, Dual-wield/Dual-cast of weapons, spells & artifacts, Armour Swaps & even 'conversations' with your Companion & your Horse!

This is a complete package containing the base installation plus the 3 'expansion' packs & includes full documentation & support information including links to tutorial & demo videos.

However, please always remember that this is a project not a plug-and-play mod. In order to complete it you'll need to be(come) comfortable working with config (.ini) files & .xml profiles.

The project is now compatible with the TESV patch using the SYVC_1.4.3.266_Patch download, full details enclosed. Stand-alone versions will be released shortly.

All plug-ins are included with the direct permission of their authors. See the 'CREDITS' page on the STVC project pages for details & hot-links.

Finally ...

It is hoped, by both the creator of VAC & by the author of this project, that it can be of benefit to at least some of those people who cannot use a keyboard & mouse in the same manner that most of us just take for granted. It is also sincerely hoped that everyone who 'gains' from this project might spare a little time to think about those they know, those around them, those they've heard about, who might also benefit from this project. To consider that they may have gained skills which they could choose to exercise for the benefit of fellow-humans who may not be able to 'do' everything in this project for themselves.... It's only a hope, and a prayer, not a demand or a condition.

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